What is your favorite art medium?

What is your favorite art medium?

I have always been intrigued by the power of mediums.

I can feel in my body distinctive sensations as I use charcoal, pencil or oil pastel. Even the sound on paper of each one of them makes is different!

As for me, drawing and painting is usually more about the process of doing something with my hands and being attuned to whatever appears on paper as a discussion.

Usually, images and shapes appear coherently without any plan, as I am absorbed in the quality of lines, shapes, textures. They are being born there right in front me almost unintentionally. Interestingly, they are relevant to what I am dealing with at the time, although they are created naturally through the play with medium.

I became more aware of the unspoken world of materials and their power to bypass intellect and even take me back to my childhood and long forgotten memories.

I can miraculously observe how they assist me emotionally, and spiritually, and take me where I need. They know the address.

Looking back, I know that my deep confidence in mediums, lead me to art therapy, and on the other hand, not give up being an artist.

Please share your experience and images with us in our group.



Drawing: Japanese ink on calligraphy exercise notebook.



3 thoughts on “What is your favorite art medium?”

  • It is so interesting to have a glimpse into other creators’ minds.
    My process of creation is different. As an illustrator, I make a lot of sketches until I’m pleased enough to transfer it to the final paper and start the final piece itself.
    When I want to create in a loose way, I draw in my sketchbook whatever comes at that very moment: figures, landscapes, imaginary themes. It gives me a sense of freedom.
    Sometimes I feel I should do it more frequent by playing with mediums like you mentioned.

    Great blog! I’ll keep following.

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