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Un viaggio tra arte e psicologia per educatori, artisti, terapeuti/span>

Nona Orbach – Lilach Galkin.

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A Database Handbook for Therapists, Artists and Educators

This invaluable manual is designed to aid art therapists, artists, art educators, and other professionals in their work.

It forms a bridge between two major fields – psychology and art – and provides an integrated framework and a working tool for primarily

non-verbal studio work and educational and therapeutic intervention.

The book was first published in Hebrew in 1997, is widely used by all the helping professions, and appears in many academic reading lists.

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Organizing an Open Studio Setting

Roadmap for art educators and art therapists, 2017

This 16 paged PDF, printable file, is a moderated process of organising your studio.

The procedure includes thinking, feeling, writing, documenting, photographing, and finally attuning and recreating the environment you are working at.

  • Your will become more attuned to the non-verbal aspects of your work.
  • The studio will enable you to concentrate on the essence of your work and be less destructed by clutter.
  • You might even feel more creative and encouraged to use the environment in new ways.
  • Whether you are an educator, art therapist or artist, your studio will become a supportive assistant.

This process is a life-long tool and can be helpful every time accuracy is needed to link between pedagogy, psychology and space.

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On Materials in Art and Therapy, Nona Orbach, 2003

This essay tries to deal with the non-verbal issue of mediums as having their own personality. I also try to understand why art therapists, we do not look deeper into this subject. Why don’t we have enough words and texts for what we feel so well in our body?

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What is Art Therapy?  Nona Orbach, 2017

Here is short essay you are welcome to download relating to the roots of art therapy through medium and action perspectives. Here is a short citation:

Our trade can correspondingly be compared to the alchemist’s quest for knowledge by heating powders and liquids in a vessel on a fire, hoping to create gold. Alchemy observes life as one organic existence where matter resembles spirit and vice versa. Alchemist’s search for gold, but more than that, they pursue wisdom and the meaning of life through mixing powders, liquids, leaves and beetle wings. Metaphorically, isn’t this what we do?

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