The painting wall is an encore of the art studio

The painting wall is an encore of the art studio

              A Painting Wall: a wall covered with softboard

Paper of any size can be hung on it using thumbtacks or staples. The wall is covered from floor to ceiling.

A table or cart is placed next to the wall, holding the paints, brushes, rags, sponges, etc. Work is done standing up, allowing the creator to come close or move far away at different points of the work, serving as a one-time mirror of herself as she is creating.

A painting wall encourages drama and expressiveness through deep and comprehensive processes. The large wall enables the creator to work on a number of artworks simultaneously, or several people may work individually as well as together as a group, on the same wall.

A painting wall is not limited to working with wet materials. It serves well as a substrate for sketching, charcoal, pencil and pastels. It is a dynamic platform, as opposed to the studio’s other, quieter corners for more introverted work.


The Spirit of Matter – A Database Handbook for Therapists, Artists and Educators, pdf.


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