The Creator’s Spiritual Blueprint

The Creator’s Spiritual Blueprint

“The term “blueprint” embraces the essence of any creator’s actions, visualizations, thoughts and feelings that are conveyed physically in the making of art. My observation is that every human being holds within them a combined heritage of characteristics, likes and dislikes that make them who they are. Actions imprinted upon matter may represent this richness. All of these qualities, when assembled and marked down on paper, clay, etc., leave visual signs that create a unique fingerprint. This essential imprint will develop and become enriched throughout our life, if given the chance.”

The Good Enough Studio: Art Therapy Through the Prism of Space, Matter, and Action

I find this phenomenon a deep tool in art therapy and educational processes.


Chapter 2 in the book unfolds this girl’s process in-depth, from 1.5 until eight years old.

I demonstrate how I use this phenomenological tool as an aid that helps me be active only as much as needed.

It is also a significant tool in a multicultural society, leaning close to phenomenology and not creating

impingements or being judgmental as I see art expressions that are not my taste.


Here are a few works organized chronologically. She is interested in symmetry and comparisons from her very beginning.  It is clearly seen in her drawings, collage and sculptures.

All work was done by her own interest, and nothing was suggested.

The images above were done when she wad 1.8 years old

                                        Two years old sand tray – Symmetry is very clear

                                        Four years old: “A girl and her dress.” The girl is on the left


Six years old, 3D

A pdf that will walk you through observing the blueprint: 

The Spiritual Blueprint – phenomenological worksheet, Nona Orbach, 2020

More about the blueprint in the book: The Good Enough Studio; Art Therapy Through the Prism of Space, Matter, and Action


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