About Ink and Sumi

About Ink and Sumi
“THE THERAPEUTIC AND SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE: Like in watercolor, the work process with ink and brush is associated with breathing, inhaling, and exhaling. Ink inspires calmness along with drama. Since it produces many shades of a single color, it defines limits that enable comfortable and safe conditions for deepening the work with one substance and one color. Thus, ink usually creates an experience of success and satisfaction. It calls for creativity in the movement to produce shades and tones through which the inner language expands. The black drop of ink taken out of the vial with a soft paintbrush and placed on a white palette is dramatic and powerful. Unlike many other materials, here, the participant meets the medium at its peak. From that moment on, he can use it as is, or dilute it with water and lessen its intensity……” 
Western ink bottles are affixed into modeling paste in a tiny box so they will not fall as children use it.
Sumi- Japanese ink


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