Heidi’s Horse

Heidi’s Horse

An excellent video by Sheila Graber that surfaces a transparent artistic process of a child from scribblings to drawing at 16.

We have a universal developmental map researched by Rhoda Kellogg, Viktor Lawenfeld, Malka Hass, and Sylvia Fien.

Fein was the one who noticed that children’s art development resonates with archetypes, and symbols used in religion and culture.

Sylvia is a well known artist in the US. When her daughter was born she planned to keep and observe every drawing she did from 2- 16. Using the knowledge on Gestalt she had gained from her tutor Henry Schaefer-Simmern she shows that all the stages that Heidi passes through are universal to us all worldwide.”
Text, video and images are from Shila Garber Youtube channel
I see this wonderful video as documentation of The Spiritual Blueprint of Heidi.

“The term “blueprint” embraces the essence of any creator’s actions, visualizations, thoughts and feelings that are conveyed physically in the making of art. My observation is that every human being holds within them a combined heritage of characteristics, likes and dislikes that make them who they are. Actions imprinted upon matter may represent this richness. All of these qualities, when assembled and marked down on paper, clay, etc., leave visual signs that create a unique fingerprint. This essential imprint will develop and become enriched throughout our life, if given the chance.”


Sylvia Fein’s book is a must for all art educators:

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