A sketchbook as a tiny studio

A sketchbook as a tiny studio


A sketchbook accompanying the creative processes can be an ongoing productive tool.

It is a safe place.

Artists sketch and practice uncertainty in it, but as an art therapist, I use it as a starting point for creating a safe inner place.

I suggest to many of my patients and students to choose their sketchbook from a pile of books, and they can do with it what they wish. They are invited to share, but they are not obliged to do so.

This tool is a transition object for the time between meetings, allowing them to practice the search for the self through doodling, sketching, drawing, writing, and gluing.

It is a storage space, a secret, private place, accumulating knowledge chronologically throughout the therapy or educational process. The more you use it the more it gives back strength and competency.



The video: Kyoto Maditaions, 2019  – my artwork

The image above is a pile of skethbooks waiting for someone to choose from.


Kyoto Meditations, 2019

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