What is the Good Enough Studio?

What is the Good Enough Studio?

The Good Enough Studio is a blog and library for a study group on Facebook, and  for all who are using a studio: artists, art educators and art therapists.

It is also the name of a book I am writing.

The studio is perceived as an extension of the artist, educator and art therapist. It is my best assistant.

Through our discussions, this container and processes it facilitates, will become our focus, and hopefully it will assist you as an art educator, artist or therapist.

We will also discuss documentation and observation, medium suggestions and art provocations based on the Reggio Emilia approach.

You are welcome to ask questions and use this space to share your experience and knowledge with others.

Nona Orbach is an artist, therapist and educator and mentors a large Hebrew speaking group on Facebook, titled Studio Visits. Now we can do it in English!

My work is based on a book that was published in Israel 1997, and now is available as an E-book in English.

The Spirit of Matter, Orbach, Galkin, 2016  


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