The painting wall

The painting wall

“The studio has physical boundaries and an unchanging internal map. These provide a secure field in which the creator can work. The fixed location of the painting wall, work tables, sink, supply cupboard, as well as the studio rules and repetitive rituals – all support the process. How do you work with gouache near a wall? How do you wash the brushes? How and where do you work on a small scale project? How can you work on your own when you are part of a group? How do you relate to other people’s work? The studio, with its limits on the one hand, and its wealth of materials and activities on the other, offers many opportunities for creative and emotional breakthroughs.”

The Spirit of Matter, Orbach, Galkin

Arno Stern, the inventor of the painting wall

The Spirit of Matter – A Database Handbook for Therapists, Artists and Educators, Orbach Nona & Galkin Lilach.


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