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About Choice

About Choice

go to link “A thick rough aquarelle paper is waiting on the table in front of me. From the brush jar, I choose the softest round one I bought in Paris a few years ago. It has a wooden handle and especially soft hair. They still respond as […]
The open-studio Is…

The open-studio Is…

follow link   ‘The studio is a concrete space that encourages responsibility and transformation because the activity within it, is founded upon personal interest, involvement and participation.’  Nona Orbach, from The Good Enough Studio, book in progress Arno Stern painting wall and method Reggio Emilia Approach   […]

The Creator’s Spiritual Blueprint essay is done! 

The Creator’s Spiritual Blueprint essay is done! I have been mentioning the term The Creator’s Spiritual Blueprint for a long time. It is an anchor tool! It enables the art therapist, art educator and the art historian to observe the core attributes of a person’s art making and relate to them genuinely beyond […]

Coloring books are not art therapy

Coloring books are not art therapy Coloring books have become a trend. Why is this so? Filling up shapes and images, slowly and calmly, with a beautiful box of crayons next to you, is very soothing. It might provoke childhood memories before we were critical of our own creation. I believe […]

Therapeutic and Spiritual Significance of Markers

Therapeutic and Spiritual Significance of Markers

premier message sur site de rencontre The main characteristic of markers is that it is possible to achieve a nice result without much effort. They offer clean, aesthetic work, and are suitable for ornamental and decorative purposes. There is repetition in the workflow by opening and closing the marker and filling […]

What is Art Therapy?

What is Art Therapy? What is art therapy? Nona Orbach, 2016 Artist, art therapist, educator, supervisor “It is not a coincidence that I have listed my different professional identities up here. Being an art therapist, it is necessary to use them all and more; I need to activate my […]

The painting wall

The painting wall “The studio has physical boundaries and an unchanging internal map. These provide a secure field in which the creator can work. The fixed location of the painting wall, work tables, sink, supply cupboard, as well as the studio rules and repetitive rituals – all support […]