An open studio setting in a kindergarten – day 4 – The painting wall 2

An open studio setting in a kindergarten – day 4 – The painting wall 2

Two days later I came to visit again.

The painting wall is operated every day by the kindergarten teachers.

All children have adapted the basic habits which have become natural and organic:

They work independently with the brushes, not smearing or dripping.

A few hang papers on their own.

If a brush is mixed with paint on their paper, especially the yellow, then wash it in the container.

One girl likes to change the water.

A few go to the other side of the room to look at their work from afar.

A story about one girl:

One girl was excited by the paint and enthusiastically used wide brushes with a lot of paint. She created a rainbow, and the blue dripped from the upper part all over the painting. She looked at me glumly.

-What happened?

– It is ruined, it dripped!

– Well, sometimes unexpected things happen. An artist calls it a happy accident. Perhaps it can be used to create something you did not think of before.

-No, I want to wipe it.

-Fine, this is one option.

The following day she chose a vertical sheet of paper and again worked with a wide brush and a lot of paint. She looked at me and smiled.

-Today, would you like drips of paint?


– So if you don’t want it to drip, what should you do?

She obviously knew and explained verbally what to do with the amount of paint she took on the brush, but then again, the paint dripped.

A boy next to her suggested she mix the paints, but she did not want to and wanted to wipe it.

– Perhaps before you wipe it you might like to smear it a bit with a finger and see what happens.

From that point on she dripped, smeared with her hands, and organized the painting with more shapes she brushed once and again. She worked for an hour on one paper. After almost an hour of work: 

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