About Me

About Me

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Hello, I am Nona Orbach.

I practice three professions that interlink and influence one another.  I am an art therapist, an art educator and an artist. The common thread that links the three is my fascination with the way in which medium resonates through our spiritual and emotional essence as part of the creative therapeutic or educational processes.

I have developed educational and therapeutic methods to broaden authentic creativeness for practically anyone who attempts to express his world using materials in a studio designed for this purpose.

Moreover, coming from a Mediterranean and Israeli background and teaching often in Japan, I am attuned and interested in different backgrounds. I am always curious to witness how my methods are universal, and thus are fruitful in others loving in another part of the world.

Concerning the different languages art therapists possesses and needs to communicate with; I find the Reggio Emilia approach an invaluable source of inspiration for my work as a supervision for art therapists and educators.

This blog will unfold the tools I have developed.

If you are an art teacher or art therapist or even an artist feeling that somehow thing you already know do not integrate, this blog is for you. I believe I have created a few bridges that will interconnect your own knowledge for a more flowing work at artist, therapist and education.