About Aquarelle, watercolors

About Aquarelle, watercolors
Therapeutic and Spiritual Significance of Aquarelle, watercolor
“As a medium, aquarelle conveys water and air. It reflects lightness, serenity, aesthetics, flow and transparency. Due to its characteristics, it has spiritual qualities as a sense of uniqueness and a sense of a singular moment that will not return. Working with watercolor requires skill and restraint. When you try to create color again and again, the paper gets soggy and the color loses its brightness. This medium has a maximum peak point of glow and inner luminance, as layers dry before painting another on top. If the brush touches the wet paper too many times on the same spot, it will get muddy and start fading. Working with watercolor presents a paradox: on the one hand it requires experience and skill in using the brush and measuring the color amounts, as mechanical motions that create infertile patches of color; and on the other it provides movement driven by emotion, a sense of breathing, flow and letting go, which passes on to the paper through the body and hand, enriching the painting with living, vibrant marks. This tension between knowledge and technical experience, as opposed to free-flowing and loose motion, along with supreme concentration, is the essence of aquarelle. The client’s ability to move in between these two poles is manifested in a great amount of mobility on the paper. Discipline and knowledge aside, spontaneity and emotion are required, while errors and lack of precision in the tension between the two are immediately evident. ”Errors” are fixable only if the paper is of high quality and the painter it skilled. In this sense, watercolor is a very difficult medium…..”
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The book is on Amazon: Orbach Nona & Galkin Lilach. The Spirit of Matter – A Database Handbook for Therapists, Artists and Educators (Kindle Locations 937-948).

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